Digital media is an ever-growing source of shopping,gaming, news, entertainment
and social interactions.People want brands they can trust, companies that know them, communications
that are personalized and relevant, and offers tailored to their needs and
preferences.The consumers are now exposed not just to what your
company says about your brand, but what the media, friends, relatives, peers,
etc., are saying as well.Email marketing is one of the most effective way to
keep in touch with customers.Whereas 97 percent of marketers have claimed
that social media has been an integral part of their selling in period of 2013 and this is
bound to increase in 2014. So digital medias are the best and cheapest way to
market your brand,products and services,etc..

MSN Messenger Finally Shuts Down In October

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Microsoft has finally decided to shut down the MSN messenger, better known as Windows Messenger by October. Microsoft has been hovering over the news of shutting down Windows old MSN messenger service since 2012.

It has also requested its users to shift to Skype. However, MSN still has been operational in a few scattered countries, one of them being China. But a recent announcement by Microsoft requested its Chinese users to shift to Skype as MSN Service is to shut down.

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MSN messenger was initially launched in 1995 as a basic file and folder interface. However, it was molded and upgraded to MSN Explorer that was launched in 2001 along with Internet Explorer 6. MSN during this time was one of the most used internet service provider. Through the years, MSN had received revamps and upgrading.

MSN Messenger Shutdown

The last…

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Digital marketing


The Marketing strategies are plays an important role for the success of any business. To widening the growth of your business, you need to know about different marketing techniques. Today’s digital world the top firms are use an important marketing strategy that is Digital marketing.Over time, marketing also has been positively affected by advanced technology. Today’s busy world did’t spend there time for purchase goods from direct markets. They adopt digital services. Bcz they it reduses time,Expenses,helps to buy and sell the products world wide 24/7,The Internet Marketing can provide better and more effective strategies according to the needs of your business. So i can hep you to widening your business ………….. Consult With me……..

Future of Social Media and the important question of which is most powerful: a like, share, re-tweet or favourite?

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The importance of social media today is undisputed, when social media platforms largely MySpace arrived, it was all the rage with technology early adopters. Fast forward to 2014 and social media has changed, offering something useful for individuals, consumers and businesses.

In the business world as marketers it’s always important to keep in trend with reaching consumers and to think where social media is heading in the future. Therefore it can lead to questions such as: is Facebook still relevant today than it was a year ago? What’s the next social platform to generate buzz and which is most powerful: a like, share, re-tweet or favourite?

Facebook: provides an opportunity for a large fan base but unfortunately has a complicated algorithm to organise your newsfeed which as a result has lost all relevance for a business or brand without paying to “boost” posts to be seen and “liked”.


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5 Things Successful Leaders Do in a Crisis

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By Murray Newlands

A lot of people believe that the true leadership capacity of a person is tested during times of crisis. Performance under stress can show how quick witted or level headed a person is, or on the contrary, it can show where their weaknesses lie. As a business owner or as an entrepreneur, it’s important that you always keep your wits about you and stay cool in difficult situations. These are the five things that every successful leader does in times of crisis, and traits to you should always keep in mind when running a business.

Successful Leaders Don’t Let Their Emotions Get In The Way

The most important thing to do during a crisis is to maintain an…

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